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Worship Team

Hi All, 

Welcome to Elvanto. 

Thank you all for your time last Sunday to allow me to show you the basics of Elvanto.


Here are a couple of tips to help you: 


The Worship team should have access to the posts part in Elvanto. This will allow you to make posts just as you would on Facebook. (If your post is for the worship team only, please tick the worship team in the department area.) This will keep the post private so only the worship team can view it. Once this is ticked, only people in the worship team will be able to view and comment on your post.



Please update your unavailability. Rosters are usually prepared a month or two in advance. So please update as soon as you become aware you will be away. 



Can you please update your Profile. This can be accessed in the top right hand corner. Please keep your phone number and email address up to date. This will assist in sending you reminders and updating you of new things that may be happening at Connect Church. 



Elvanto is currently set up to send you email and sms reminders for you up in coming schedule. If you don't want to receive both email and sms reminders please update this in your profile page.  



When you log into Elvanto go to the roster tab. Under this tab you should have access to the plan for Sunday. This will show you who's rostered on, what songs will be played and the colour for the week. 


If you are having any issues with Elvanto please let me know.  In addition, you can have a look at the Elvanto help page.  https://help.elvanto.com/using-elvanto/


Luke has done a fantastic job posting this first weeks songs on Elvanto.


Thank you so much for being a part of the worship team. You are an important part of the Connect Church Team. You do an amazing job on Sundays and  your hard work and time are appreciated very much.